The Evolution of Agatha Christie, 2019, commissioned by Shaftesbury PLC

Seven Dials, London (UK)

‘The Evolution of Agatha Christie’, a mixed media artwork by London based artist Iona Rowland, commemorates ninety years of Christie’s novel ‘The Seven Dials Mystery’. The piece comprises multiple layers of acrylic and spray paint, over which the artist has silk screen printed an archival image of Christie taken in 1926. With each silk screen print the image subtly changes, shifting according to where the viewer is standing. The artist says ‘the repetition and transposing of imagery communicates Christie’s dynamic and multi-faceted nature. It celebrates her as a creative literary force, but also as a woman evolving, adapting, becoming.’ Details.

Iona Rowland, Boom Cycle, Battersea Power Station, 2019

London (UK)

Film shot on location by @brooks.films

Boom Cycle presents ‘Boom Art’, a new commission from artist Iona Rowland which explores the relationship between art, music and fitness. The four metre wide mural features Boom Cycle riders and is, the artist says ‘a manifestation of the Boom Cycle experience... It celebrates empowerment, community and is totally experiential’. Another important element, she revealed, is the reference to hip hop music in the work of art. ‘Music is central to the Boom Cycle experience – when you’re in the studio, you’re totally transported to another level and that is in part down to the beats. In the artwork, I’ve utilised improvised cut and paste methods used in early hip hop music to create a visual remix, so that viewing the work is as immersive as riding at Boom Cycle.

Public artworks are site-specific, reaching, educating and inspiring audiences outside of the gallery context. Artworks are situated in retail districts, fitness studios, boxing gyms, football grounds and community centres. They are encountered by audiences who may not regularly visit art galleries or cultural institutions, and help viewers connect with their history, aspirations, values and sense of place. 

Upcoming public commissions:

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